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Welcome to Bass Built Fitness!


Looking to improve your health but don't know where to start?


Have you ever tried losing fat or building muscle but have not gotten the results you wanted?


Have you ever been completely overwhelmed with the endless information around health and fitness?


I was once there, too. I know exactly how you feel, which is why I want to help.


Working with me is not a "lose weight quick" scam or "get shredded in 14 days" guarantee.

I aim to give you the tools to build the healthy life you want and deserve for years to come!


Not only will you be able to get the results you've been wanting, but we'll spend time creating a plan that's made specifically for you.


You will have all the tools to sustain your results for a lifetime!



Nutrition Coaching 
One-on-one nutrition coaching catered to your personal goals and current lifestyle. Weekly coaching and accountability to keep you on track!
Online Fitness Coaching 
 Online fitness coaching which includes a personalized training program, form checks, and weekly accountability!
Training Programs 
& E-Books
Nutrition and fitness e-books to help you with fat loss, building muscle, and training and nutrition goals!
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