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Athlete Challenge

round 2 

Time to crack open that yearbook and relive the glory days real quick for any of my former male athletes out there. 

If  you miss the competitive atmosphere of sports?

Miss all the trash talk in the locker room or out on the field?

(Don't lie, I know you enjoyed that part  😎)

Miss the way you used to look and feel during those years you were out there balling on the court or field or track? 


Have you fallen off a little bit since then? Maybe had one too many brewskis and not enough days in the gym?

Or maybe you have been in the gym, but your routine is getting a little stale, and you need something to get you excited about working out again? 


Looking to find that confidence you used to have? 

Then this challenge is the right one for you! 

Cardio Challenge









Yoooo, my name is Lathan, and that's a picture of me when I played college football and a pic of me now. And if you're reading this, you were probably an athlete, too, at some point. Whether it was high school or college you probably loved a little competition just like I did.


And I'd be willing to bet you miss what playing sports used to provide: confidence, fun with good people, a clear mind, and a strong body. Nobody prepares you for the end of your playing days. You spend years of your life putting so much time and effort into this one thing, and then it's all over one day. 

Just like that! And what you soon realize is that you need to find something to fill that void. Some of us turn to watching sports or collecting beer, or finding other random hobbies to keep us from going crazy 😅


But if you're anything like me, then you need something else. Something physical. Something that challenges you and allows you to chase a goal. Something demanding but rewarding at the same time. Basically, something that's going to give you a lot of the feelings you used to get playing sports. 

And while nothing quite compares to sports, the gym can be a pretty damn good substitute. And that's what I did when sports was over. I turned to the gym and started putting in consistent work in gym and in the kitchen.


Once I started seeing the progress, I was hooked. Fast forward to today, where I have dropped a 100 lbs and am currently in the best shape of my life. All because I decided to make a simple committment.

So whether you're looking to kickstart your fitness transformation or just get excited about going to the gym again this challenge is a good place to start!


Get together with some big sports guys, talk some trash, follow a good training program to get you jacked and feeling good again, and even add in a little friendly competition!

If that sounds like something you want in on, then get signed up! 

But don't just take my word for it. Here are some of the results we got from the last challenge. Whether you're looking to build strength/muscle, lose some fat, or just feel good again, this challenge can get you there. 

This is an 8-week challenge for any former male athlete looking to improve their fitness (maybe shed a bit of that beer gut), have a little friendly competition with other like-minded dudes (and partake in some sh*t-talking, of course), and have some fun doing it!

Challenge starts Decemeber 5!

Make some serious gainz with this challenge!

This is more than just some random workout plan. Within this challenge, you will get a well-structured 8-week strength training program to help you build muscle and strength so you can both look and feel the part. 

In addition, there will be a weekly fitness challenge for you to compete in to improve your fitness levels and give you a shot at being crowned the fittest has-been! 

What You Get: 

  • 3 Detailed Workout Programs with Exercise Video Demos ​​
    • (2 Full Gym Programs & 1 Dumbell-Only Program)
  • ​Private Community Group
  • Personalized Nutrition Guidelines 
  • Accountability Tracker
  • Muscle Building Blueprint E-BOOK
  • Fat Loss Video Course
  • High Protein/Low-Calorie Meal Ideas

Compete for bragging rights each week! 
Equipment Needed For The Challenge: 
Full Gym Program
barbell, free weights, dumbbells, cables or resistance bands, squat rack
Dumbbell Only Program

As former athletes, you know the benefits of investing in yourself. 

Join this challenge and set yourself up for a successful 2023! 


What equipment do I need?

Access to a full gym with a squat rack, bands, and dumbells is needed for the full gym program or just dumbbells for the dumbbell-only program.  

Do I have to participate in the weekly challenges?

Not at all. If you are looking for a good training plan and nutrition help, you will also get value from this challenge. 

How much does it cost? 

$97 if you get in within the first week and $119 if you get in after early registration closes! 

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