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Athlete Challenge 

Are you are a former male athlete? 

Do you miss the competitive, fun atmosphere of sports?

Are you looking to improve your fitness and get in shape?

Do you want to build muscle and strength?

This is an 8-week challenge for any former male athlete who's looking to improve their fitness, have a little friendly competition with other like-minded guys, and have some fun while doing it!

Challenge starts January 31st!

Build A Better You With This Challenge

This is more than just some random workout plan. Within this challenge, you will get a well-structured 8-week strength training program to help you build muscle and strength.

In addition to that, there will be a weekly fitness challenge for you to compete in to improve your fitness levels and give you a shot at winning a cash prize! 

You will also receive: 

2 Detailed Workout Programs with Exercise Video Demos 
(1 Full Gym Program & 1 Dumbell-Only Program)
​Private Support Group
Personalized Nutrition Guidelines 
Accountability Tracker
Muscle Building Blueprint E-BOOK
Fat Loss Course
High Protein/Low-Calorie Cookbook

Compete for the cash prize each week! 
Equipment Needed For The Challenge: 
Full Gym Program
barbell, free weights, dumbbells, cables or resistance bands, pull-up bar
Dumbbell Only Program

As former athletes, you know the benefits of investing in yourself. 

Commit to the process and set yourself up for a successful 2022! 

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