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“Working with Lathan was such a great experience for me. He was so informative and understanding with working with my lifestyle and helping me figure out what would work best for me to reach my goals. He taught me so much about nutrition and proper ways to live a healthier lifestyle while enjoying things at the same time. He exceeded my expectations coaching me and I couldn’t be happier with his work!" - Becca 

“Being coached and trained by Lathan has been a very rewarding experience. He has done a great job of understanding my personal traits/needs/goals and has developed a plan that I have been able to successfully follow. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to training methods and nutrition. I can tell this because whenever I am feeling stuck he comes up with a recommendation that gets me right back on track. In 3 months of working with Lathan I have lost 25 pounds. More importantly than weight loss... I feel like I am learning and developing personal habits that will stick with me for a long time." - Ryan

"Lathan is responsive, precise, and detailed in everything he does. He has developed a plan that is easy to understand and follow and shows you exactly what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals. He is always there to answer any questions or provide feedback. He details each program to your individual needs and goals and is very knowledgeable when it comes to training methods and nutrition. If I ever felt stuck or needed to change things up, I could always reach out to Lathan and he provides insight and recommendations that always helped me back on track. I have only known Lathan to exceed expectations in anything he does and I feel through working with him I have been able to get closer to my goals and develop personal habits that will stick with me going forward." - Ben

“In months, I was able to see the progress I was looking for!

Working with Lathan is a special, ongoing fitness relationship.  Since our first conversation, Lathan has continued a dialogue.  Lathan constantly checks in to ensure my program is aligned with my goals.  Based on our continued discussions, Lathan adjusted my program and explained changes and different techniques and strategies that address my evolving needs.  

However, it is not just the extremely high quality of the programming and results that make working with Lathan so special. Working with Lathan is special because he genuinely cares about helping you build a healthy lifestyle.” - Dan

These services are honestly good for anyone just trying to get fit.


It’s easy to go into a gym and just pick up some weights, But you’re never going to get the same results as actually finding a program that is meant and built exactly for you and your goals.” - Ivan

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